• The History Of Whoo Jinyulhyang Special Gift Set (6 Items)

    The History of Whoo collection is the modern reinterpretation of traditional beauty secrets from the Korean royal courts.

    The brand combines the benefits of Eastern herbal medicine with modern science.

    The rejuvenating line is targeted at mature skin and designed to promote youthful skin.
    Formulated with red ginseng to smooth out and nourish skin.
    Rich in Wild Red Ginseng and efficacious Asian herbal extracts, the royal hydrating collection instantly energizes and nourishes for a healthy, plump-looking complexion.

    Wild Red Ginseng:
    The best medicinal herbs containing
    heavenly vital energy
    • Contains the eneray of heaven. receiving the energy of the earth in its
    steaming and drying process
    •Ginsenoside Rh1 ingredient in Red Ginseng solves the problem of unbalanced Yin & Yang of women
    during the menopause period


    1. Jinyulhyang Jinyul Essential Revitalizing Balancer – 20ml
    This Moisturizing Toner actively restores moiture to dry skin and refines skin texture and creates clear, bright skin complexion.

    2. Jinyulhyang Jinyul Essential Revitalizing Emulsion – 20ml
    This rich, hydrating lotion nourishes and replenishes the skin absorbing quickly without leaving greasy residue.

    3. Jinyulhyang Jinyul intensive Revitalizing Essence – 5ml
    Jinyul Essence is highly Concentrated Oriental Herbs Extract Formula. Whoo’s special formula from Secret Court for the ladies contains Red Wild Ginseng essence. The formula reaches deep into your skin and delivers its special nutrition to resolve problems.

    4. Jinyulhyang Jinyul Eye Cream 4ml
    With delicate and pleasant texture, this moisture rich Eye Cream rapidly absorbs into the skin and tightens the loose skin around the eyes, creating bright, glossy skin.

    5. Jinyulhyang Jinyul Cream – 10ml
    This Essential Cream provides hours of hydration to keep skin soft, supple and intensely moisturized all night. With pleasant texture, this rich cream balances skin’s natural cycles overnight for smoothness and resilience.

    6. Jinyulhyang Jinyul Essential Cleansing Foam – 40ml
    Essential Foam is an essence-type Oriental style foam containing naturally sourced phytosoap that was traditionally used as a facial cleanser in the royal court. While its gentle foam removes impurities, this low-irritation product keeps the skin moisturized for a long time after use.

    The set is composed of :
    1.Jinyulhyang Jinyul Essential Revitalizing Balancer – 20ml
    2. Jinyulhyang Jinyul Essential Revitalizing Emulsion – 20ml
    3.Jinyulhyang Jinyul intensive Revitalizing Essence – 5ml
    4.Jinyulhyang Jinyul Eye Cream – 4ml
    5.Jinyulhyang Jinyul Cream – 10ml
    6.Jinyulhyang Jinyul Essential Cleansing Foam – 40ml

    LG Household and Health Care
    Country of origin: South Korea.

  • The History of Whoo Jungyooncho Multi Youth Essence Special Set

    Soothing Gel Lotion is a light, non-greasy, quickly absorbed, translucent gel type lotion.

    For moisturization this light weight gel lotion contains oils from naturally derived ingredients, Grape Seed, Safflower Seed, Evening Primrose, Jojoba Seed, Sunflower Seed, Sage and Sandalwood.

    Set is composed of :
    2. Jungyooncho multi youth essence 100 ml
    2. Jungyooncho multi youth cleansing foam 80 ml
    3. Exclusive limited golf x 3

    With Hyaluronic Acid and bamboo derived water to provide hydration and also cooling , it helps calm reddened skin caused by over-exposure to the sun and stresses of the environment.

    Multi Youth Cleanser 80 ml

    Multi-functional cleanser can be used for face, body and hair.
    Provides hydration for skin and hair with its dense foam.
    Contains hydrophilic oils that can repair damaged hair and does not irritates the skin and there is no dryness after the washing.

  • The History of Whoo Velvet foundation Pact SPF35 /PA++ special set

    A soft, semi-matte foundation for easy on-the-go application and skin-like, flawless finish.

    What’s in the box:
    1. Velvet Foundation Pact SPF35/PA- 10g
    2. Velvet Primer Base (Sample)- 6ml
    3. Velvet Liquid Foundation (Sample)- 6ml
    4. Velvet Liquid Lip Rouge Rose Pink (Sample)


    • Royal Jewels (Gold + Pearl + Amber)
    – To promote glowing, smooth skin texture

    • Peach flower extract (Velvet line specialized ingredient)

    All these ingredients are known to deliver nourishing effect to the skin and helps to promote vitalized skin and also helps to promote bright skin tone by suppressing Melanin creation.


    • A lightweight yet powerfully adhesive formula to complete natural, seamless skin texture with satin smooth expression

    • 24-hour lasting formula with excellent moisturizing effect and my skin-like buildability

    • ‘Touch-proof’(Transfer-proof) formula to prevent messy, stained mask (Clinical test completed)

  • The History of Whoo Velvet Prime Base special edition set

    The queen’s beauty, blooms in 3-step velvet layering.

    The skin of the velvet glows is still bright and unbroken, it presents dazzling elegance.

    The set is composed of:

    1. Velvet Primer Base – 40ml
    2 Velvet Primer Base – 6ml
    3. Velvet Liquid Foundation, #21- 6ml
    4. Velvet Make-up Puff

    This refreshing Velvet Primer Base can strengthen the skin’s moisture-locking abilities and absorb excess oil to achieve the best water-oil balance before makeup, with added Pore Blurring Complex to refine skin texture, control oil and conceal large pores for up to 12 hours. The perfect partner for the Velvet Liquid Foundation, this primer can be applied seamlessly to blur imperfections with incredible makeup-gripping power.


  • The History of Whoo Vital hydrating cream special gift set

    This highly concentrated moisturizing cream helps provide long-lasting moisture for dry skin. Leaves your skin feeling renewed, soft and non-greasy.

    Skin type recommendations:
    All Skin Type

    Skincare benefits:
    Dryness, Dullness/ Uneven texture, Fineline/ Wrinkles, Uneven skin tone, Moisturizing.

    A light, hydrating cream that keeps the skin fresh and moisturized, by protecting skin from becoming dehydrated by the environment. The cream helps the skin look fresh and soothed.

      Improves the skin’s vitality
      Contains Lotus germ and Cheonggiiksoodan
      Non-greasy texture
      Helps provide and retain moisture for extremely dry skin.
    • The set is composed of the following:1. Gongjinhyang: Soo Vital Hydrating Cream — 50ml
      2. Gongjinhyang: Soo Vital Hydrating Balancer (Sample) — 20ml
      3. Gongjinhyang: Soo Vital Hydrating Emulsion (Sample) — 20ml
      4. Gongjinhyang: Soo Vital Hydrating Sun Fluid SPF50+/PA+++ (Sample) — 13ml
      5. Gongjinhyang: Soo Hydrating Foam Cleanser (Sample) — 40ml
    • Manufacturer:
      LG Household and Health Care
      Country of origin: South Korea
  • ZUREO Glowing Vitamin BB Cushion SPF 50+/ PA+++ cushion foundation

    Numbers #21, # 22, #23
    Product’s description:
    – Full coverage
    – Long lasting.
    – Moisturizing.
    – Anti-wrinkle.
    – Sunblock.

    Contains mineral water and oxygen, enriched water of JEJU.

    Triple function :
    – UV protection
    – Anti wrinkle

    Sweat proof:
    – Long lasting even in summer season and with face mask.

    Contains 5 multivitamins :
    – Vitamin C, I E, B3, B5, & B6.

    Botanical ingredients for healthy skin :
    1. Lotus extract for brightening and moisturizing
    2. Broccoli sprouts extract for anti dark spots, anti wrinkle & anti aging
    3. Alfalfa extract for skin regeneration – Edelweiss extract for skin protection soothing
    4. Black current extract to prevent dark eyes circles & freckles
    5. Wheat germ extract for skin tone improvement
    6. Radish seed extract for moisturizing & conditioning the skin.

    It’s laboratory tested and certified.

    1mlX30pieces, packed with box.

    AED 85AED 110

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