• Meu Cacho Meu Crush intensive growth for curly hair leave – cream 400 ml

    Inoar Meu Cacho MeuCrush is specifically designed for curly and wavy hair. Inoar Meu Cacho, Meu Crush healthy growth family line promotes cleaning, revitalization, and hair growth. It provides hydration to the hair and guarantees the definition and smooth touch of textured strands. With a formula rich in actives that ensures hair health and stimulate hair growth in a stronger way.

    Line is composed of :
    – Leave – in cream 400 ml

    – Vegetal Collagen that promotes hydration, balances elasticity and prevents breakage, in addition to maintaining the structure of the hair.
    – Amaranth Oil is with nourishing properties, restores and strengthens hair.
    – Jasmine Extract is natural active that acts as a potent antifrizz.
    – Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that revitalizes.

    Clean with no foam , hydrates the hair, turns dull and frizzy hair into very soft hair strands and with a healthy scalp.

    Other informations:
    – 100% vegan
    – 100% botanic
    – vegan formula
    – sulfate free
    – paraben free
    – salt free
    – cruelty free

    AED 110AED 197
  • Inoar Pos Progress Balanced pH post straightening treatment care leave – in cream 250 ml

    Hair treated with volume reducing brushes looks beautiful but needs special care. With that in mind, Inoar developed the Post Progress line. The darling of professionals and women who want to keep results much longer. With a smooth and moisturizing formula, Post Progress maintains the health and natural softness of the hair, keeping the closed cuticles and splendid hair until the next visit to the salon.

    – Gently cleans hair.
    – Removes impurities without drying out.
    – It helps to keep hair straight and shiny longer without the frizz.
    – Detangles and moisturizes the hair without leaving heavy or oily hair.
    – Recovers the damaged hair strands by chemistry and D-Panthenol.
    – Reduces the formation of split ends.

    Main ingredients :
    -Rosemary extract Beyond stimulating hair growth, rosemary essential oil is used to prevent premature graying and dandruff. It may also help dry or itchy scalp.
    – Keratin extract. Keratin is a protein that helps form hair, nails and your skin’s outer layer (epidermis). It helps support your skin, heal wounds and keep your nails and hair healthy.

    Other informations: – Vegan 100% – Botanic 100% – Sulfate free – No Poo Co Wash – Cruelty free.

    AED 85AED 250
  • Inoar Afro vegan with castor oil and shea butter for afro curly hair ( 4 ABCD ) curls’ activator 300 ml

    Inoar Afro Vegan curls activator has a vegan formula with shea butter, a powerful moisturizer that leaves hair manageable and castor oil which is rich in vitamin E, minerals and in antibacterial properties, which nourishes, moisturizes, replenishes nutrients, closes hair split ends and turns into soft and shiny hair strands with stimulating growth.

    Benefits: The curls activator is made of special vegan ingredients for wavy, curly, afro and frizzy hair. Vegetable butters and oils are great aids in the care of wavy, curly and afro hair.

    Curls activator 300 ml ,

    Castor Oil and Shea Butter.Vegan, Cruelty Free.

    AED 110AED 250
  • Inoar Afro vegan with castor oil and shea butter for afro curly hair ( 4 ADCB ) leave – in cream 300 ml

    inoar Afro Vegan leave – in cream has a vegan formula with shea butter, a powerful moisturizer that leaves hair manageable and castor oil which is rich in vitamin E, minerals, and antibacterial properties, which nourishes, moisturizes, replenishes nutrients, closes hair split ends and turns into soft and shiny hair strands with stimulating growth.

    Benefits: Leave-in cream is made of special vegan ingredients for wavy, curly, afro and frizzy hair. Vegetable butter and oils are great aids in the care of wavy, curly, and afro hair.

    Leave – in cream 300 ml,

    Castor Oil and Shea Butter.Vegan, Cruelty-Free.

    AED 110AED 250
  • Inoar Resistance Bamboo Fiber and Biotin leave – in cream 250 ml

    Inoar Résistance Bamboo Fiber and Biotin leave – in cream is the solution for hair strands that need treatment.
    The products are enriched with selenium-rich bamboo fiber. It cures weakened hair and strengthens the hair leaving it much brighter. It’s composition contains Biotin vitamin that stimulates growth and cures the hair strands from the inside out with rejuvenating power.
    The Résistance leave – in cream is has a vegan formula and it is made up of plant ingredients that deeply treats hair fiber.

    It is recommended :
    For weakened hair that needs intense cure.

    – Leave – in cream 250 ml

    – Cures weak and dull hair
    – Stops hair loss issues
    – Helps to growth intensive
    – Give lots of shine to hair strands
    – Turns dry and dull hair into soft shiny and malleable.

    – Biotin
    – Bamboo Fiber
    – Vegetable collagen

    Other informations:
    – 100% vegan
    – 100% botanic
    – Sulfate free
    – Parabéns free
    – Cruelty Free

    AED 110AED 250
  • Inoar Vegan with olive oil and coconut oil leave – in cream 300 ml

    Inoar Vegan leave – in cream 300 ml is formulated with virgin vegetables’ oils, coconut oil, and olive oils that penetrate deep into the hair fiber, taking care of the hair with maximum performance and respect to the animals.

    – It penetrates the hair fiber and returns to the strands of its natural hydration.
    – Stops hair loss issues.
    – Heals damaged hair strands, reduces frizz, and returns the strength to the hair which makes the hair much healthier and plus helps it to grow the hair.

    Main ingredients:
    Vitamin E, Biotin, Castor Oil, Olive oil, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and Aloe Vera.

    Kit is composed of :
    Hair Leave-in 300 ml

    Other information:
    Vegan 100%
    Botanic 100%

    Inoar Vegan Umectação مجموعه
    من زيوت الخضروات البكر وزيت جوز الهند وزيوت الزيتون التي تخترق ألياف الشعر ، وتهتم بالشعر بأقصى قدر ، غير مصنع من الحيوانات

    :الفوائد الرئيسية
    تخترق ألياف الشعر وترجعه إلى الخيوط الطبيعية – توقف تساقط الشعر. – تشفي خيوط الشعر التالفة ، يقلل من تجعد الشعر ويعيد القوة إلى الشعر مما يجعل الشعر أكثر صحة ويساعد على نمو الشعر

    :المكونات الرئيسية
    فيتامين E. البيوتين. زيت الخروع. زيت الزيتون. زيت عضوي. زيت اللوز الحلو. زيت جوز الهند. الألوة فيرا


    AED 110AED 195
  • Inoar Blends vitamin C leave – in cream 300 ml

    Blends Collection was developed from a vitamin C complex with a blend of botanical and vegan oils, especially for dry hair. A combination of coconut oils (vitamin E and fatty acids), avocado (vitamins A, B, D, and amino acids) and argan (antioxidant, rich in omega-6) that penetrates deeply into the hair and offers high hydration, intense shine, softness, and malleability.

    Dry hair
    Hair leave-in cream 300 ml

    Main assets:
    Vitamin C, Coconut oil, Avocado Oil, and Argan Oil.

    Other information:
    Vegan, Cruelty-Free.


    تم تطوير Blends Collection من مجمع فيتامين C مع مزيج من الزيوت النباتية والنباتية ، خاصة للشعر الجاف. مزيج من زيوت جوز الهند (فيتامين E   والأحماض الدهنية) والأفوكادو (فيتامينات A و B و D وأحماض أمينية) وأركان (مضاد للأكسدة ، غني بأوميجا 6) يخترق الشعر بعمق ويوفر ترطيبًا شديدًا وتألقًا مكثفًا ، ليونة وسهولة الحركة.
    التجديد: الشعر الجاف
    .الأصول الرئيسية
    فيتامين C وزيت جوز الهند وزيت الأفوكادو وزيت الأركان.
    معلومات أخرى
    نباتي ، القسوة الحرة

    AED 70AED 195
  • Liso Mejico spray

    For natural or chemically treated hair, for chemically transformed hair Inoar Liso Mágico has been developed in a vegetable formula which is based on jasmine extract, which moisturizes and removes frizz and straightens hair strands naturally.
    This magical thermo heat-spray gives you discipline, styling and shine to hair strands with 15 benefits.

    1 – vegetarian 2 – vegan 3 – hydration 4 – brightness 5 – thermal protection 6 – without pigments 7 – without paraben 8 – seal 9 – curly scratch 10 – healing split. 11 – Nourishes 12 – Long-lasting series 13 – Moisture protection 14 – Restores 15-Softness

    Main ingredients:
    Smooth magic thermal activated liquid spray. The main assets: 1. Pillars. 2. Jasmine extract. Other information: vegetarian, free cruelty.

    بالنسبة للشعر الطبيعي أو المعالج كيميائياً ، طورت Inoar Liso Mágico ، بتركيبة نباتية ، تعتمد على خلاصة الياسمين ، التي ترطب وتزيل الشعر المجعد وتقوِّم خيوط الشعر بشكل طبيعي.
    يمنحك هذا الرذاذ السحري الناعم بالحرارة الانضباط والتصميم واللمعان إلى خيوط الشعر مع 15 فوائد.

    1 – نباتي 2 – نباتي 3 – الترطيب 4 – السطوع 5 – الحماية الحرارية 6 – بدون أصباغ 7 – بدون البارابين 8 – الختم 9 – الصفر المجعد 10 – شفاء الانقسام. 11 – يغذي 12 – سلسة تدوم طويلاً 13 – حماية ضد الرطوبة 14 – يعيد 15 – ليونة

    المكونات الرئيسية:

    سحر السلس الحرارية المنشط رذاذ السائل. الأصول الرئيسية: 1. أركان. 2. استخراج الياسمين. معلومات أخرى: نباتي ، القسوة الحرة.

  • Inoar Resistance with lotus flower and vegetable collagen leave – in cream 250 ml

    Inoar Resistance Lotus Flower leave – in cream is rich in SELENIUM and rich in LOTUS FLOWER OIL and VEGETABLES COLLAGEN which cures hair fiber and strengthens weak dry hair making it softer shiny and malleable.

    It contains a plant formula and consists of plant components that deeply treat hair fibers.
    Inoar Resistance Lotus Flower leave – in cream is with the lotus flower oil that has the power of strengthening and collagen-resistant plant that rejuvenates hair fibers by making them more soft and malleable.

    It is composed of the followings :
    – Leave – in cream 250 ml

    Benefits :
    A formula of Resistance Lotus Flower products contains vitamin BIOTIN that stimulates growth and cures hair strands from inside to outside with a rejuvenating power.
    The Résistance Lotus Flower leave – in cream has a plant formula and consists of plant ingredients lotus flower oil that deeply treats hair fibers.

    Recommended :
    For weak hair that needs extensive repair.

    Main ingredients:
    – Lotus Flower Oil
    – Vegetable collagen

    Other informations:
    – 100% vegan
    – 100 % botanic
    – sulfates free
    – parabéns free
    – cruelty free



    أعدت سلسلة Inoar من الشعر الضعيف الذي يحتاج إلى علاج. في نسختين ، مقاومة هو الحل لشرائط الشعر التي تحتاج إلى علاج. غني بألياف الخيزران الغني بالسيلينيوم ، مقاومة لإصلاح ألياف الخيزران يضع الشعر ويقوي الشعر ، مما يجعله يبدو أكثر إشراقاً. يحتوي على خط مقاومة على تركيبة نباتية ويتكون من مكونات نباتية تعالج بعمق ألياف الشعر. مع زهرة اللوتس التي لديها قوة تنشيط والكولاجين النباتي مقاومة Inoar ، تقوم زهرة اللوتس بتجديد ألياف الشعر مما يجعلها أكثر نعومة ومرونة.

    تحتوي تركيبة Resistance Lotus Line على فيتامين البيوتين الذي يحفز النمو ويعالج خيوط الشعر من الداخل إلى الخارج بقوة تجديد. يحتوي خط Résistance Lotus Flower على تركيبة نباتية ويتكون من مكونات نباتية من زيت زهرة اللوتس التي تعالج ألياف الشعر بعمق.

    للشعر الضعيف الذي يحتاج إلى إصلاح مكثف.

    المكونات الرئيسية:

    البيوتين والألياف الخيزران. الكولاجين النباتي وزهرة اللوتس. نباتي ، القسوة

    AED 110AED 193
  • Inoar Men Hair Gel

    Inoar Men line offers new technologies and formulas designed for the well-being of man. With Tea Tree and Calendula, the products clean at the same time that they offer a sensation of lasting freshness, with soft perfume.
    Hair and Beard.
    Inoar Men line contains :
    1. Shampoo 400 mL 2.Hair wax 250 gr. 3. Hairstyling gel 500 gr.
    Main assets :
    1. Tea Tree. 2. Marigold Extracts.
    Other information:
    Vegan, Cruelty-Free.

    وفر خط الرجال Inoar تقنيات وصيغ جديدة مصممة لرفاهية الرجل. مع Tea Tree و Calendula ، يتم تنظيف المنتجات في نفس الوقت الذي توفر فيه إحساسًا بالانتعاش الدائم ، مع عطر ناعم.
    الشعر واللحية
    :خط رجال Inoar يحتوي على
    1. شامبو 400 مل 2.Hair الشمع 250 غرام. 3. جل تصفيف الشعر 500 غرام
    :الأصول الرئيسية
    شجرة الشاي. مقتطفات القطيفة
    :معلومات أخرى
    نباتي ، خالي من القسوة

    AED 40AED 100

    Inoar Men Hair Gel

    AED 40AED 100
  • Inoar Argan Oil Thermoliss frizz remover leave-in cream 240 ml

    The Thermoliss Argan Oil Anti-frizz leave-in is your super ally when it comes to whipping up a smoother, frizz-free look. In addition to helping the brush to slide easily, it protects the hair from the heat of the dryer and the board and offers an incredible amount of discipline and shine to the hair. Thanks to its thermo-reactive action, it creates a hydrophobic film on the cuticles, keeping moisture well away and frizz in the past.

    Thermoliss Argan Oil مجموعه
    هو حليفك الفائق عندما يتعلق الأمر بخلق مظهر أكثر نعومة وخالية من التجعد. بالإضافة إلى مساعدة الفرشاة على الانزلاق بسهولة ، فهي تحمي الشعر من حرارة المجفف و وتوفر قدرًا لا يصدق من التنعم وتألق الشعر. بفضل عملها التفاعلي الحراري ، ويبقي الرطوبة بعيدًا ويبعد التجعدات

    – Creates a film around the wires, controlling the frizz;
    – Promotes and enhances the smooth effect;
    – Protects from excessive heat from boards and dryers.
    – It stops hair loss issues and helps to grow hair intensively

    السيطرة على الشعر المجعد ؛
    يعزز التأثير السلس ؛
    – يحمي من الحرارة الزائدة من الألواح والمجففات

    Main ingredients.
    Argan Oil, Cacao Seed Butter, Ginger Extract, Coco Butter and Jojoba Oil.

    :المكونات الرئيسية
    زيت الأركان وزبدة الكاكاو وخلاصة الزنجبيل وزبدة كوكو وزيت الجوجوبا

    AED 105AED 170
  • Inoar Divine Curls Finisher 240 g

    Divine Curls line is a complete treatment for curly and wavy hair. It promotes a delicate cleaning that does not collect dust in the hair strands so that the definition of curls and waves is maintained. In addition to conditioning and untangling, it deeply moisturizes the hair strands without regret, while providing smoothness and healthy elasticity.

    – Turns dull hair into shiny and soft hair
    – Moisturizes deeply without weighing strands of the hair
    – It has an antioxidant effect, softens and promotes cell regeneration
    – It removes excess dirt from the hair strands while moisturizing and controlling curls.
    – It has beautiful smell especially its pleasant for small children
    – Its specially created with low Poo.

    Main ingredients:
    Vitamin E , Pique oil, Coconut oil, Keratin, and Shea Butter.

    Other informations:
    1. Vegan 100%
    2. Botanic 100%
    3. Sulfate free
    4. Parabéns free
    5. Cruelty free
    5. No foam

    خط تجعيد الشعر هو علاج كامل للشعر المجعد والمتموج يعزز عملية التنظيف الدقيقة التي لا تجمع الغبار في خيوط الشعر بحيث يتم الحفاظ على الضفائر والأمواج. بالإضافة إلى التكييف والتفكيك ، فإنه يرطب الخيوط بعمق ، مع توفير النعومة والمرونة الصحية

    :المزايا الرئيسية
     يجعل الشعر لامعا
    يرطب بعمق دون أن يؤثر على خيوط الشعر
    له تأثير مضاد للأكسدة ، يخفف ويعزز تجديد الخلايا
    يزيل الأوساخ الزائدة من الخيوط ، في حين ترطيب ومراقبة تجعيد الشعر

    :المكونات الرئيسية
    فيتامينات الفواكه وزيت بيكيه وزيت جوز الهند والكيراتين وزبدة الشيا

    AED 75AED 180

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